Home Organizing Services

Our home organizing services are highly customizable and unique to each client. The time it takes to see the vision we create with you through to completion can vary depending on the total area of the space, quantity of items inside, and the speed at which items can be purged and sorted. After a brief, no-cost consultation with you about your space, we will provide a recommendation for the number and length of sessions. 

The packages below help to illustrate the estimated time and cost to organize a particular space, and are based upon an hourly rate of $60.00. Packages can also be split into multiple sessions as dictated by your schedule, energy level, or budget.

All projects include an assessment of the space and your unique needs, hands-on organizing, a follow-up package with product recommendations tailored to your needs, style and budget including retailer, price, and measurement information, as well as a small car load of items taken for donation as required.

Please note that Practical Spaces will be operating on a single-organizer rate of $40.00 per hour until September of 2024.

Packages and Pricing


Single Large Area Deep Reset


We will aim our focus on a single large space within your home such as a bedroom, large closets, kitchen, playroom, or basement. We will evaluate the space with your help in order to understand the needs of the space, what issues you have had with the organization and functionality of the space in the past, and the best plan moving forward.

Approx. Duration: 4-10 HOURS


Single Small Area Deep Reset


Often overlooked, the smallest areas of our homes can easily get out of control. Entryway, hallway and linen closets, laundry rooms, and pantries are spaces that we don’t necessarily spend time “in,” but nevertheless contribute to how well our homes function. Applying the same analysis techniques as for a large area, we will help you to optimize the hardest working spaces in your home and make them more manageable future living.

Approx. Duration: 3-5 HOURS

Home Office Setup


Whether you are working from home, or just need a space to check emails and pay bills, we are here to help you get your home office back into a manageable condition (or to set up a new office space within your home)! We will work on creating a clear and functional desk space, and implementing practical storage solutions for your paperwork, books, magazines, and supplies.

For offices with large amounts of paperwork, paper organizing is completed following the initial set-up and is charged at a rate of $60 per hour.

Approx. Duration: 3-5 HOURS

Product and Shopping

Whether a cardboard shoe box or a luxury acrylic display box with LED lights, we want to choose the storage solutions that are right for you!

With this goal in mind, unless there are any essential items like furniture, shelving, containers or moving boxes that are required in order for us to begin, we prefer to evaluate the need for additional storage containers later in the process. We will make recommendations for cost-effective product options available at local retailers and online, which we can purchase on your behalf or you can purchase as time, finances, and experience in your new space align to inspire you.

We are happy to implement any bins, baskets, compartments, displays, or other organizational components that you may have purchased for a specific project, or happen to have already that are waiting to be given a new life.


Bad for people, great for spaces!

Though not a requirement, labels help everyone to properly utilize a newly-organized space. Consistent labels and containers help to pull a space together for a uniform look that is a joy to keep tidy.

We carry a Brother P-Touch label maker with several label colour options and a Dymo embossed label maker. We can print custom labels on paper and laminate (great for children’s spaces), or on clear vinyl sticker paper (for acrylic bins). Sets of premade labels or washable chalkboard labels are also a great option and can be purchased for your space.