Garage Sale Support Services

Setup, Tips, and Pack Up Support for Your Sale


Don’t let another summer pass you by! If you have been meaning to get around to hosting a garage sale, we are here to support you in that process. Our Garage Sale package consists of advice and motivation to declutter, a systematic approach to setting up your garage sale, tips for safety and generating interest, and assistance in packing up. Whether you are hoping to recapture some of the value of your items, pass along items to a new home where they will be cherished and used, or avoid sending items to the landfill, we will help to make your garage sale less stressful and more organized!

Approx. Duration: 4 HOURS
Garage Sale
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Consultation (~30min)

We will discuss your needs, schedule, and garage sale goals and formulate a plan for your sale.

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2 Week Prior Pre-Sale Preparation (2h)

Roughly two weeks before your sale, we will support decluttering, and physically gather items for sale within your home. While we won't be able to complete a full house declutter during this time, we will provide a process for you to continue working on over the next couple of weeks.

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Promotional Support

We can provide advice for posting listings and creating signs to help get the word out about your sale.

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Day Of Pre-Sale Preparation (1h)

On the day of, or day before your sale, we will come back to help prepare the sale area (garage, garage pad, yard). We will begin to group and display items and provide systems for displaying pricing that you can continue on with.

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Table Rental

If you require additional space to lay out your items for sale, we can provide up to 4 fold out tables (6 foot). We will pick these up at the end of your sale.

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Post-Sale Pick Up (~30min)

We will return after the final day of your sale to help you separate items for donating and items to bring back into your home as required.

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Donation Drop Off

We will take a small car load of unsold and unwanted items for donation. We will provide alternative options for donation of larger quantities of goods if necessary.

The Rest is Up to You!

We will not provide any cash handling services including setting prices, making change, price haggling, or handling transactions.

Our purpose is to support you in the set up and take down of your sale, and provide a goal for decluttering and clearing space in your home. We cannot guarantee the sale of any items during your garage sale. External factors like weather, holidays and city events, and neighbourhood traffic could impact your sale, and we (unfortunately) cannot guarantee optimal conditions.