Packages & Pricing

Our pricing is based on the results of our consultation with you about your space. We don’t want you to experience any unexpected costs, and so we promise keep our costs up-front and will never add in any hidden fees to our bill. The time it takes to see the vision we create with you through to completion can vary depending on the total area of the space, quantity of items inside, and the speed at which items can be purged and sorted.

The packages below help to illustrate the estimated time and cost to organize a particular space, and are based upon an hourly rate of $50.00. Packages can also be split into multiple sessions as dictated by your schedule, energy level, or budget.

All sessions include an assessment of the space and your unique needs, a follow-up package with tailored recommendations for organizing products, and a small car load of items taken for donation as required.

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Single Large Area Deep Reset


We will aim our focus on a single large space within your home such as a bedroom, large closets, kitchen, playroom, or basement. We will evaluate the space with your help in order to understand the needs of the space, what issues you have had with the organization and functionality of the space in the past, and the best plan moving forward.

Approx. Duration: 4-8 HOURS

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Single Small Area Deep Reset


Often overlooked, the smallest areas of our homes can easily get out of control. Entryway, hallway and linen closets, laundry rooms, and pantries are spaces that we don’t necessarily spend time “in,” but nevertheless contribute to how well your home functions. Applying the same analysis techniques as for a large area, we will help you to optimize the hardest-working spaces in your home and make them more manageable future living.

Approx. Duration: 2-4 HOURS

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Home Office Setup


Whether you are working from home, or just need a space to check emails and pay bills, we are here to help you get your home office back into a manageable condition (or to set up a new office space within your home)! We will work on creating a clear and functional desk space, and implementing practical storage solutions for your paperwork, books, magazines, and supplies.

For offices with large amounts of paperwork, paper organizing is completed following the initial set-up and is charged at a rate of $50 per hour.

Approx. Duration: 2-4 HOURS

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Multi-Room Organizational Maintenance


If you are already fairly tidy, and your spaces are generally clean and clutter-free this option is for you. We will tidy bathroom cupboards, straighten out shared closets, freshen up bedroom closets and dressers, and get kitchens and pantries back in good working form. We are here to help you get to the next level of organization be it through folding, decanting, labelling, colour-coordinating, or just helping your things find their best home!

Approx. Duration: 2-4 HOURS

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Post-Session Follow-Up Visit


Included in your organizing session with us is a follow-up with recommendations for any containers, displays, furniture, and other products you may like to purchase or to have us purchase for your space.

We will come back to fully integrate these items into the style and flow of your space, label, and make any adjustments to the organization plan as needed.

Approx. Duration: 1 HOUR

We take pride in implementing organizing systems that are specific to you and your needs. If, following our service, you discover that a system implemented by us does not work for you and your space, we are happy to continue to work with you to find a better solution!

Gift Certificates

$50.00 and up

Giving the gift of a professional organizing service is a clutter-free way to treat your loved one to more calm and control in their life. If you believe you know of a recipient who would be open and grateful to being gifted a session or package with our team of professional organizers, please contact us and we will arrange the details.

Gift Certificate Delivery: By mail, email, or direct delivery (for an additional fee).

Product and Shopping

Whether a cardboard shoe box or a luxury acrylic display box with LED lights, we want to choose the storage solutions that are right for you!

With this goal in mind, unless there are any essential items like furniture, shelving, containers or moving boxes that are required in order for us to begin, we prefer to evaluate the need for additional storage containers later in the process. We will make recommendations for cost-effective product options available at local retailers and online, which we can purchase on your behalf or you can purchase as time, finances, and experience in your new space align to inspire you.

We are happy to implement any bins, baskets, compartments, displays, or other organizational components that you may have purchased for a specific project, or happen to have already that are waiting to be given a new life.


Bad for people, great for spaces!

Though not a requirement, labels help everyone to properly utilize a newly-organized space. Consistent labels and containers help to pull a space together for a uniform look that is a joy to keep tidy.

We carry a Brother P-Touch label maker with several label colour options and a Dymo embossed label maker. We can print custom labels on paper and laminate (great for children’s spaces), or on clear vinyl sticker paper (for acrylic bins). Sets of premade labels or washable chalkboard labels are also a great option and can be purchased for your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

A cleaner may come into your home and wash floors and countertops, scrub sinks, dust, vacuum, and empty trash cans, leaving your house sparkling and disinfected. But for times when your house seems clean, but doesn’t feel light and peaceful (like when you open a closet door or a cupboard and feel overwhelmed by the chaos inside), a professional organizer can help extend that “clean” feeling by helping you to declutter, creating storage and filing solutions, and improving how your space flows.

It is not necessary to purchase any new organizing products in order to have a tidy and well-contained space. In fact, you likely already have some of these types of products on hand that can be re-implemented into your freshly-organized space.

A free phone consultation with us will help determine where your organizing needs and your budget can meet happily. Packages can be split into sessions spaced to suit your budget, and an organizing plan which puts an emphasis on consultation and “homework” can also be formulated.

It may help to consider the organizing of your space as an investment that has the potential to save you money in the future.

  1. When you know what you have on hand, you decrease the chance that you will purchase something you already have.
  2. If you can see and access food and products near expiry, you are better able use them up before letting them go to waste.
  3. Limit your chances of forgetting a bill payment or losing out on a tax deduction by keeping your paperwork filed and at hand when needed.

It is in the nature of spaces to reflect our lives… and our lives are constantly evolving! When the needs of your space change, it is time to re-evaluate, and this is a normal part of the organizing process. We can help you to get back to baseline and to adjust the flow of your space with no judgement!

While we may not like to admit it, we all know that life is not as simple or as perfect as a TV show. Ultimately getting organized is about improving the way your space works for you and the way you work in your space. An important component of our service is to impart some organizing skill, and to help you better conceptualize how your space and your life interact, and this works best when we get to work with you throughout the process. With that said, every person and every space is different, and we are always able to adapt to those differences.

Our belongings are intended serve a purpose. We keep things, for example, that that remind us of a happy memory, that contain useful and relevant information, or that we use to prepare food for our families. When we keep a gift because we feel obligated to, a book because we should have read it, an unused small appliance because it was expensive, we should reflect on whether that item’s purpose is serving our ideal lives. When an item ceases to have a purpose beyond “to be stored,” it may be time to consider donating or selling it so someone who will give it new life, or discarding or recycling an item at the end of it’s life cycle. We will always leave this decision in your hands and promise to never discard anything without your approval.

Free Phone Consultation

Please provide your contact information and as much detail about your space as you wish to provide, and we will be happy to reach out and discuss a plan for getting your space organized!