This Month’s Practical Space is: THE WARDROBE

Every month we will take a deep dive into the process of making a problem area of your home into a practical space.

With fall upon us and a long Edmonton winter ahead, now is the perfect time to organize our wardrobes!

If you look into your current closets and drawers, are they overflowing with clothes, but you feel like you have nothing to wear?! Are those summer dresses, old jackets, impulse buys and miscellaneous clutter preventing you from seeing a fabulous outfit right in front of you?!

We feel good when we think we look good. Wearing a great outfit can change our mood and get our day off to a positive start. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive clothes or the latest trend to look put-together either- a well thought out closet may be all you need to make the perfect outfit! When you can see what you own, you can make better shopping choices, therefore thoughtfully adding to your wardrobe with the pieces that will make dressing easier.

Let’s organize that wardrobe together and help you achieve your closet goals in 3 easy steps:

  1. Gather
    Collect EVERY clothing item you own from every closet, drawer, and storage area.
  2. Purge
    Assess each item and place into categories such as ‘keep’, ‘donate’, ‘store’ and ‘repair’.
  3. Reorganize
    Replace all items into designated spaces tailored to your specific lifestyle.

And just like that, you have the closet of your dreams!
Look at all your lovely things!
What a pleasure it will be everyday to select pieces to make that perfect outfit!

Enjoy your new practical space!

*To keep your newly organized space practical, we recommend a mini-purge and re-assessment every 3-6 months.

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