This Month’s Practical Space is: THE CLOSET

A closet is a great place to start when you begin to organize your space. It’s smaller and less daunting than an entire room—even a quick tidy up in a skinny broom closet can provide a feeling of accomplishment and motivation to move on to bigger tasks.

Another great place to start is with the entryway closet—it is often the first space you and your guests will see when you enter your home. A home should be a peaceful and happy sanctuary to come back to after a long hard day in the real world. If you are instantly tripping over mountains of boots, shoes, and backpacks it can perpetuate the chaos that you have come home to escape from and rob you of the tranquility you seek in your own little kingdom. As in any problem space, a simple solution exists: it’s just a matter of clearly identifying the issues and proposing solutions. For example, if you have a large family but a small closet, perhaps you could re-imagine a section of the garage into a family mud room and keep the entryway a clear and clutter free zone.

Linen closet organization can be a most rewarding task as it offers limitless potential for downsizing and good will. We often hold onto stockpiles of blankets and pillows, mismatched sheet sets, and towels that are the wrong color—so many items that are never in use and could be donated to people that will actually use them. When you have less it’s easier to organize what’s left into nicely folded piles that are easier to access.

Perhaps the most intimidating closets to tackle are those containing our clothing. Like linens, we tend to hold onto clothes for much longer than we should and actually utilize only a small percentage of what we own. No matter the size of the closet, we think we need more storage space when the solution is as simple as owning less, properly utilizing the available space, and organizing the contents in a more convenient system that is appropriate for your current lifestyle.

All throughout the month of February we will focus on closets of all sorts and offer simple tips and inspiration to get these small spaces in your home more organized for a better you in 2022.

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