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Move Forward with Vision and Purpose

Inspiration is a valuable tool that we can use to help motivate ourselves! These days, even high-end interior designers are encouraging clients to use sites like Pinterest to help discover and articulate their style preferences. Images of spaces similar to ours in size and layout help us to visualize our end-goal and stay on track. Check out some of our recommended books, and find us on Instagram.

Declutter for a Good Cause

If you know you have unused items in your home that could be useful to someone else, it may also motivate you to know that there are charities in Edmonton that are actively looking for donations of items, and may even pick them up from your home at no charge:

  • The Mustard Seed: visit to view a list of urgently needed items (outerwear, toiletries)
  • Edmonton Donations (MOMS Canada): visit to view a list of urgently needed items and to schedule a free pick up (clothing, shoes)
  • Find (Housing First Program): visit to view a list of accepted items and to schedule a free pick up (furniture and home goods)
  • Diabetes Canada: visit to view a list of accepted items and to schedule a free pick up (textiles, electronics, toys, home goods)

If you have items to donate following an organizing session with us, we are happy to bring a small car load to your charity of choice within the city (included in our service). 

Start with Something Easy

Don’t miss a chance to capitalize on your motivation to declutter or organize. Spend those moments by starting with a single pile or drawer (or even just 5 things) that you immediately know can be discarded. Keep the momentum going if you are satisfied with your progress or, if not, know that you took some action and can always come back later! Our team is here to encourage you and help to get things moving on a larger scale, so if you have getting organized on the brain and 10-15 minutes to spare, give us a call for a totally free and no-obligation consultation!


Visit our gallery for photos and descriptions of some of our favourite projects!

Who doesn't love a good before and after?!

Reference Guides

If you have a project that you’re not sure how to finish (or start!), one of our resource guides may provide the information you need to continue!

Free Downloadable Resources


Sort Signs

Post on your walls, on boxes, or on the floor while decluttering to make it easier to remember what goes where.

Let Us Know What Inspires You!

If you have dreamt it for your space, we want to help you make it a reality!
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