Let us Introduce Ourselves...

Our Philosophy

We believe that a peaceful, organized living space and access to practical maintenance and time-management strategies should be accessible to everyone. No matter your current level of organization, we are here to help find solutions for you and your spaces within a timeline and budget that is comfortable for you, and to make organizing and de-cluttering as stress-free (and fun!) as possible.

About Megan

Megan is a lifetime organizing enthusiast.

Megan specializes in closet and wardrobe edits, garment care, seasonal clothing swap out, and capsule wardrobe consultation. With a keen interest in home decor and the visual arts, Megan is passionate about implementing storage solutions for your cherished belongings and setting up your space in ways that can be easily maintained but are also visually appealing and suit the style of your home. Megan is also an expert in pantry and kitchen solutions, small space living, and helping people transition through life’s stages. She is here to help implement creative and budget-friendly storage strategies for any area of the home, and set up systems from shelves to labels to establish order in your space.

With a lifelong career in customer service, Megan will work with you in a respectful and non-judgemental manner while moving towards your organizational goals, and will offer positive support during the decision-making process.

About Amanda


Amanda is a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada, the national association representing professional organizers, and is working to complete the POC Trained Professional Organizer Program. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Grant MacEwan University and has been working in the retail and customer service industry for over 15 years. Her professional areas of focus during that time were stock management, shipping and receiving, financial administration and leadership.

Beginning as an amateur organizer from a young age (making her friends pull out their belongings from their closets and drawers in order to sort through and put them away nicely), Amanda has always had a passion for tidiness. She’s an avid self-study about all things organizing, and she’s willing to bet that there isn’t a TV show about organizing that she hasn’t seen! Her current project is completing the top-to-bottom renovation of her 1980s home, which has given her a renewed appreciation for the capabilities of the space within the home.

Amanda is looking forward to bringing her excitement, energy, and attention to detail to your space in order to help you surpass any organizing obstacle you are facing.

Please note that Amanda is on currently maternity and is expected to return to organizing in September of 2024.

Our Process

The 5 C's

  1. C L E A R – the clutter out of the space to make sure no items are left behind, and to help better understand and visualize the amount and type of items within.
  2. C L E A N – the space to make it feel fresh and as close to new as possible. Like getting into a bed with freshly washed sheets, your chosen items deserve a fresh start to their new life in clean shelves, drawers, cupboards, and work surfaces!
  3. C O L L E C T – the items worthy of being kept. Donate, discard, or recycle any items which are no longer relevant to your life.
  4. C A T E G O R I Z E – groups of items in order to discover how they should be stored in the space assigned.
  5. C O N T A I N – groupings of items as you put them back into your space. Choose containers that allow for quick and easy access for items that are used most often, and enclosed and sturdy containers for storing less-accessed items. Choose uniform containers for a put-together look (though the environment and your bank account will thank you for repurposing containers you have on hand)!

This process works for organizing a single shelf, desk, or other piece of storage furniture, as well as for a closet, cupboard, or even a whole room! Whether we are working in our own homes, or working in a client’s space, these are the steps we employ to declutter, get organized, and to refresh and refine a space in order to live better with our things. We believe it embodies that cherished “Spring cleaning” feeling, which is the feeling we hope to bring to your space!